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I’ve been away from this space for quite some time and I have to say, I miss it. I know I’ve been alluding to a brand new venture I’ve been working on and I am indeed plugging away at it (and SO very excited about it), but I miss the familiarity of this space from time to time. Most of all, I miss all of you, lovely readers of mine.

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Life has been a bit of a whirlwind recently. I’ve been traveling for work, dancing, working on side projects, balancing time with friends and family, and supporting my mom through some difficulties. While there have been some bumps and bruises here and there, I am overall very content and excited for the future. I feel encouraged and motivated by the many driven people around me and am anxious to see what opportunities lie ahead in the next few months.

As of yesterday, I have been back in Pittsburgh for an entire year. The decision to move back home was a difficult one, but I can’t believe how much that one choice has affected everything. Where and who I was then is miles and miles away from where and who I am today. I knew that I would one day be “on the other side,” and I am humbled and thrilled to finally be there and only going up from there.

I’ll be posting some hints here and there on social media of things to come, so stay tuned for that, BUT what I want to know is: What are you working on? What’s keeping you motivated and giving you that excited feeling in your stomach? Let me know in the comments and share a link so I can ooh and ahh over your brilliance!

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Hi! I'm Marissa. I'm a twenty-something dedicated to living life positively, sharing inspiration, developing my best self, and dressing the part. You can find me diving into a good book, looking for the ideal swing dancing partner, swooning over fabulous typography, or doing something ridiculous for blog's sake.

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    1. Douglas, your voice is awesome. It’s soothing, professional yet approachable, and totally perfect for long recordings. I would rank you among the Jim Dales of the audiobook world! Keep this going. You’re onto something.

      Thank you so much for your support. Please forgive me for my belated comment. It means a lot to me.

  1. I’m so excited about this new venture! Stop teasing us so! I love that picture of you with the HP glasses! Lately, I’ve been working, hanging out with friends, reading a lot, and watching too much TV haha! It’s too cold to go outside!

    1. Thank you, Sara! I knew you’d appreciate my nerdiness :) I hope you’ve now thawed enough to enjoy going outside more! My reply is way too belated, so please forgive me. I have been really enjoying the collaborations and outfits you’ve shared recently!

    1. It really is SO hard to believe. Thank you for making it one hell of a year :) So happy to know you, dear dear friend!

  2. Can we get together and catch up soon?! It’s been much too long. I’m working on finishing grad school and the only thing that keeps me going some days is knowing it’s almost over! BUT I am super excited about my new participation in a project on . I just became a featured writer and I find myself working on articles during internship…oops! :) It’s fitting how just when I felt like I was running on empty, this came into my life to give me new motivation.

    1. YES. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you! That sounds like the PERFECT opportunity for you to tap into your creativity AND share something you are so passionate about, something near and dear to your heart. I know grad school has been draining, but you have been such a rockstar through it all. Hang in there!

  3. Marissa, I hope your mom feels better really soon and that is not too serious. I’m also looking forward to hearing about what you have been working on. I’ve been struggling to work period. This week, my son was in school 2 hours and that was because there was a school delay. Otherwise, it was close (and close tomorrow). Alas, I just want to catch up. Maybe in July ….

    1. Marlene, thank you so much. My mom has been a true champ and every day I am even prouder to be her daughter and best friend. She is on the road to putting this all behind her, thankfully. I know you’ve had a lot to deal with since the snow interfered with your February like crazy! I hope you feel like you’re all caught up. Your business only seems to be flourishing! (Also, please accept my apology for how late this reply is! No excuse!)

  4. I’m excited to see what you’ll be doing in the future! I am currently trying to really focus on taking online classes & webinars to grow my blog and the business I’m working for. However, I do want to do some things to take my blog to the next level, but with school in the way it’ll have to wait until May.

    1. Thank you so much, Kriselle! Please pardon my extremely belated reply! You have been kicking butt with your blog recently. I can tell that you’ve put so much more thought and have transitioned into a business. Yes, school does tend to interfere, doesn’t it? ;) I hope you had an amazing time in Vegas!

  5. Ahhhh, I need to know what’s in store for you and TMA! I miss you around these parts a lot, dear :) I haven’t been working on a ton of new projects lately, to be honest. I haven’t taken pictures for my blog in a lonngggg time, and so things have slowed down on the blog for me – whoops. This time of year is so hard for blogging, though – I’m eager to have some warmer weather so I can finally take regular pictures (also, sunlight will help, too). In my personal life, Kevin just got a new job in Minneapolis (!!!), and we’re more than likely going to be buying a house there this spring (AH)!! I’ll still stay at my same school, because I love it here, but it means I’ll start having an hour-long commute instead of 7 minutes, haha. We’re just so ready to be out of rural MN and back in the city with our families and friends!!!

    1. It shall all be revealed SOON! I miss you a lot, too. I’ve been neglecting my bloggy friends terribly :( SO many congrats to Kevin!!!! And wow, adult things like a house? Who are you? You are amazing :)

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