Accutane for Mild But Persistent Acne: 3-Month Update

A few months ago, I invited you all along my skin care journey. I took a big risk and decided to pursue Accutane (or more specifically, Zenatane) for my mild but persistent acne and, in my first video, I explained my reasoning and how important it is to research before beginning such a serious treatment.

I’m currently wrapping up month four and am finally able to post my three-month update with all of you! In this video, you’ll hear about my┬ádosage, process for obtaining prescriptions each month, improvement, and side effects. It appears that I may have to do about seven months of treatment, which totally bites, but I’ll take it for clear skin for the rest of my days!

Again, if you have any questions or comments, please share them below! I certainly am not an expert, nor do I recommend this treatment for everyone, but it might be a viable option for some people who have tried everything and can’t catch a break. Right now, this is working for me and I am hoping it turns out well in the long-run.

Thanks for your support! Here’s to building confidence and continuing to persevere.

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6 thoughts on “Accutane for Mild But Persistent Acne: 3-Month Update”

  1. Soooo, I took accutane during my senior year of college (while student teaching high schoolers! No fun!) and it worked wonders for me! It definitely got worse before it got better, but I now only get breakouts related to my period and hormonal fluctuations (2 babies) every 6 months or so and they are extremely mild. It’ll be maybe 1-2 zits under my jawline compared with new clusters around my mouth and nose every week. Worth it!

  2. Good luck with your journey! I’m wondering if you could rub coconut oil into your lips. That’s natural and very moisturizing for skin, hair, etc.

  3. Hi Marissa, how are you doing now? Have you finished your treatment already? I have mild but persistent acne too and I’m starting accutane probably/hopefully next week. Similar to you, when my derm suggested accutane I was a bit apprehensive (‘Is that going to work for mild acne like mine?’), so I was just curious if accutane really worked for your skin condition.

    1. Hey Suzanne! Thanks for checking in on my progress. I have a few videos that explain my progress throughout. Unfortunately, my seventh-month update was flagged (?!) and taken down on YouTube, which is just ridiculous. But I did have to do eight months and I am hopefully going to be filming a video with my overall thoughts soon! It’s just hard with how dark it gets when I get home from work! Your comment is motivation for me though :) Just as a spoiler alert, though: Yes, I thought it was worth my while and I am pretty pleased so far! Best of luck to you in your Accutane journey. Please let me know how it goes.

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