Decorate Your Fanny

Yes, you read that title correctly. I even considered going as far as “Bedazzling Your Fanny,” but I didn’t have the guts. Let me explain before you X out of this post!

A few weeks ago, I chaperoned the senior class trip to Six Flags. Funny story, I hate rollercoasters. Anyway, I knew I needed a bag that I could carry around and not have to worry about all day and I came up with the brilliant idea to wear a fanny pack! I could care less if I look like a ’90s child in front of my students (because I AM one) and I love making them laugh, but mostly I realized a fanny pack actually makes sense in an amusement park. I got my friend Sarah on board as well and we went off to the local thrift store in search of fanny packs.

Do you know how hard it is to find a fanny pack?! We searched and searched for an hour before we finally found ONE in an antique shop in town. You should’ve heard our cries of excitement. We ended up finding a hilarious bear bag that we converted into one for Sarah too.

The fanny pack we found was…interesting, to say the least. I knew that I wanted to keep some of it kitschy and cheesy, but the heart buttons were too much. So here’s what I did!

Decorate Your Fanny 2

I traded out the fabric for a fresh new print and sewed on some embellishments.

Here was my process, in case YOU feel inspired to decorate your own fanny ;)

Decorate Your Fanny 1

When I uncovered the fabric and heart buttons, I discovered that this was a typical printed fanny pack, probably about 20 years old. I used the fabric to trace out my new fabric and I hand sewed it on, trying my best to stay as close to the piping on the outside of the front pocket. I thought I did a decent job hiding the stitches. Then I found these vintage-y flowers and sewed them down the center. Originally, I was just going to be done after that, but I thought added some clear buttons would be a nice finishing touch.

In the end, the fanny pack was a hit and it worked beautifully ALL day! I would definitely consider using it again–not just to give kids second-hand embarrassment ;)

Life’s too short not to decorate our fannys. Fannies? Just do it!

Teaching Students Four Years Younger Than You


When I got my first teaching job this past summer, I was absolutely shocked to find out I was teaching seniors. I was hired at age 21 and would meet these 17-19-year-olds after I turned 22! All that really separated me from my students was four years of college. While these years are significant and life-changing and I was confident in my own professionalism, I was still worried about the troubles this might bring.

My Fears:

  • They won’t take me seriously.
  • They won’t see me as a teacher/authority figure.
  • They will hit on me.
  • They will take advantage of my inexperience and age.

Despite these fears, I knew there had to be some positives about this too.

The Positives:

  • I could connect with them easily.
  • I could relate and discuss things that were important to both of us.
  • I could prepare them for college.
  • I could vaguely remember what senior year was like.

Both of these fears and positives were all ENTIRELY accurate. Every single fear I had was absolutely valid. There were definitely times when my age (and gender) played into the classroom, making it difficult to monitor some behavior issues and/or to be taken seriously. Even my best students took advantage of this from time to time. And there was that one time when I had helped a student out and as I walked away, he called me “cutie with a booty…” under his breath and I whipped right around and called him out on it. And apparently I have a student who is just waiting for graduation day when he can ask me out since he “knows that long-distance relationships don’t usually work out” and he knows I am in one. This is all odd considering none of this attention happened to me when I was actually in high school. Awkward.

But the positives were also entirely accurate, too. As the year is wrapping up, I am starting to write goodbye notes to my students. For some of them, I am writing full letters that take me a lot of time and effort to write, especially with tears swelling in my eyes. I have had the best rapport with the majority of my students and I have really loved getting to know them and vice versa.

A positive (and a fear) I didn’t expect to really have was that some of these students would become my friends. Call me a bad teacher or unprofessional, but somewhere along the lines, I found friendship in a select number of kids who have made this year possible and saved me from the hardest, most painful year of my life. I spend more time with these students than my family and my boyfriend and my friends (not really by choice, but just by reality). I’m at this really strange part of the year that I never really pictured myself in. I’ve spent a lot of time outside of school chaperoning senior events and bonded with students so much that when we’re back in the classroom, it is a weird transition between being the teacher and being the mentor/friend. Come June 12th when the kiddos graduate, I will feel a lot less stress about this and will feel a lot more comfortable being a friend, but until then, it has been…strange! I don’t know how else to describe it. I hope that I’m not the only person who has been in this situation.

I think part of this attachment lies in the fact that I don’t have a family or my boyfriend or a lot of unmarried friends in the area. Ugh. Being an early twenty-something pursuing her career hours away from home is too complicated.

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White Silk Top and Blue Cropped Pants 1
White Silk Top and Blue Cropped Pants 2
White Silk Top and Blue Cropped Pants 3

Blouse: NY & Company
Pants: Target
Necklace: J Lloyd Beads
Wedges: T. J. Maxx

I wore this outfit to attend a student’s Eagle Scout ceremony. I had written him a recommendation letter months ago and was thrilled to see him achieve this amazing goal. It was very special to be invited and included in this ceremony. This student was one of the first who really confided in me and it was awesome to see him honored for all of his hard work. As a Girl Scout, I have so much respect for scouting and think it is a huge component in children’s lives.

This is a really simple outfit, but I think my favorite part is the fabulous necklace I bought from a charity dinner that students put on at school. My fellow English teacher Jess made it! Isn’t she amazing? This necklace was one of many amazing pieces. Don’t you think she should sell her stuff on Etsy? Let me know what you think and I’ll pass it on to her. I know I would definitely purchase from her again. I really like the starfish because it makes me think of summer, which is just around the corner . . .

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May Purchases

I’m really proud of myself this month! I spent under $20 on clothes! I was determined to slow down with my clothing purchases, especially after thinking about what my wish list items are. Looking back, I suppose the three things I DID purchase were not on my wish list, but they are definitely pieces I will wear. I don’t feel guilty because I didn’t spend much on them either!

may 2013 purchases

5/3/13      H&M Cocktail Dress (Goodwill)                        $3.39
5/3/13      Express Ruffled Peplum Top (Goodwill)          $3.39
5/22/13    Maurices Black Polka Dot Cropped Pants      $9.98

Total Spent: $16. 96!

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