Becoming a “Budgeting Blogger:” March Purchases

I’m a pretty frugal person, enjoy sharing deals and talking BOGO, and spend countless hours in the local Goodwill when I head home. But, I fail to talk about the subject often on this blog–mostly because I’m not quite sure how. That’s why, when I came across Fran’s Budgeting Blogger link up, I knew that that was a direction I wanted to take. I don’t always spend a lot monthly on clothes and accessories, but I think it’s important to keep myself accountable for what I’m buying and how much I’m allotting for these expenses.

This past month, I didn’t go shopping until the very end, but I did spend quite a bit because I got a few key staples for my closet, like spring shoes. As far as a budget goes, Franziska recommends spending about 6-8% of your monthly income on clothes. Given that I don’t always spend a lot of money on clothes each month but wanting to keep it open enough so I don’t feel guilty when I do, I’ve set myself a budget of $180. I will probably make that $150 in the future if I continue to spend less.

Budgeting Blogger_March 2013

Date Item Store Price  Price Paid
3/23/13 Striped Peplum Hem Short Sleeved Sweater LOFT 39.99 15
3/28/13 Drop Beaded Earrings* Goodwill 1 0.89
3/28/13 Pearl Necklace* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/28/13 NY & Co. Jean Shorts* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Anne Taylor Floral pants* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Hunter Green Button Down Blouse* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Faceted Pastel Teardrop Bib Necklace NY & Co. 24.95 7.95
3/29/13 Grey Geometric Faceted Bib Necklace NY & Co. 22.95 7.95
3/29/13 Three Row Silver Beaded Necklace* NY & Co. 19.95 7.95
3/29/13 Double Drop Faceted Beads Earrings NY & Co. 12.95 7.95
3/29/13 Silvertone and Faceted Drop Earrings* NY & Co. 10.95 7.95
3/29/13 What’s What? Wedges Famous Footwear 39.99 33.99
3/29/13 Me Too Fianna Gold Peeptoe Flats* Famous Footwear 14.99 12.74
3/29/13 Pattern Rayon Spandex Skirt Land’s End/Sears 39.99 27.99
3/29/13 Fit 2 Clean Front Chino Crop Pants Land’s End/Sears 44 30.80
Total: 152.05

*not displayed in the picture above

Overall, I got a lot of really nice things for good prices. The Land’s End items were a bit more expensive than I would’ve liked to have spent,  but I am crazy about them and will wear them endlessly.

ALSO, I just recently started to list items on Poshmark! I sold my first item, a pair of Joyce California taupe boots, for $20, making a $16 profit. I was skeptical about the process at first, but it was so easy and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has some items to sell and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of eBay. SO, March’s grand total actually comes to: $136.05! 

Overall, I’m really pleased with my purchases, even though I didn’t get a new pair of nude/tan flats like I had hoped. I’m also hoping to find a pair of khaki cropped pants; any recommendations?

HAPPY EASTER, everyone!


5 Days 5 Ways: Casual Friday

It’s the last day of 5 Days 5 Ways! I’ve had so much fun linking up with Whitney and Fran. Thanks for hosting such a fun fashion challenge! :)

5Days5Ways_CasualFriday1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Casual Friday means JEANS for me! At the beginning of the year, I pay a small fee that goes to charity so I can wear jeans on Pay Day at work. It’s been interesting keeping jeans professional, but comfortable. It’s the best two/three days of the month!

Today, I am home and loving life. I am humbled to think of Good Friday and what this whole weekend means and I am grateful to be able to spend it with my family. Enjoy your weekend!


Blogging for Beginners: Week Six: Tutorials and Tips from the Experts


I know you’re not usually supposed to solely share other people’s content instead of your own, but I feel it is important that I share some of the best resources out there all in ONE place as you go out on your blog adventures. In this little Blogging for Beginners series, we’ve covered the following:

Where Do I Start?

Choosing a Blogging Platform and Theme

Doing it Big: Domain Names, Web Hosting, and FTP

Creating Your Own Graphics for Free

Built My Blog, Now What?

Now I want to send you off with some helpful tutorials that have been instrumental toward my initial blogging process and will hopefully help you get started on this beautiful and wonderful adventure. After all, the whole purpose behind belonging is connecting with others and learning from one another. We ALL started where you are:

  • Her New Leaf published a Blog Series called Primp My Blog that covers topics like creating fans-only content on Facebook, pitching and writing guest posts, creating social media buttons, and saving an image properly. I benefited greatly from all of these tutorials and I give Kira a lot of credit for helping me during my initial blogging experience.
  • Sweet Verbana, typically known for DIY projects, shared an excellent post on Blog Design 101, creating a Header, Tabs, and Social Media icons
  • VMac & Cheese created a Blog Tip of the Day series that focuses on topics like driving traffic to your blog, managing social media, and collaboration and sponsorship.
  • Cre8d design shared this awesome Blog Design Resource for 2013
  • Finally, Tots 100 created this list of 50 Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic

I hope you have found this list (and the other tutorials) to be useful. Blogging can be extremely rewarding and fun, but it does take a little bit of research and effort. It is WORTH IT!

If you have followed this blogging series and started a blog (or refreshed yours), please share it in the comments below. I would LOVE to swing by and check it out. Thanks so much for joining me!



5 Days 5 Ways: Dresses

I’ll admit–I don’t remix dresses often at all. And because winter has decided to last FOR.EV.ER. (Sandlot, anyone?), I haven’t been wearing them often either. But I did want to showcase my favorite dress remix once again!


Before I started blogging, I never really remixed much of anything. I didn’t know I could wear dresses more than one or two ways. I’ve loved trying new things this year and this is one of my favorite remixes of all time.

Who knew that with some creativity and inspiration, adding a button up blouse and some leggings would totally change this outfit? Maybe I’ll attempt to remix this for spring–if the weather would ever cooperate!

Hope you’re having a great week. I get to head home for a long weekend–my “spring break”–today after our inservice day! What are your Easter plans?