Remixing Dresses and Tights

I’ve worn this purple shift dress the same way ever since I’ve owned it:

Aaron and Me

(see original post here)

I may even be adventurous and wear NUDE colored tights! Gasp! I love this dress because it’s effortless. I throw it on, it fits me well, and it’s a great color. Done.

But after being inspired by this look from my good blog friend Heidi, from Literate & Stylish, I knew I could wear my purple dress in a new and unique way!

So, keeping along with the whole “Bundle Up Without the Bulk” concept, as we were in subzero temperatures last week, I searched my closet for some new, warm additions to this dress and came up with this:

Remixed Purple Dress

Button Down Blouse: Old Navy
Dress: Marshall’s
Leggings: NY & Company
Boots: Kohl’s (here)
Belt: Forever 21

I was really happy with how this outfit turned out. I kept warm by putting a cami over top of the button down (plus it smoothed down the buttons). I also wore leggings instead of tights and boots instead of heels. What color belt would you think work on this outfit? I wanted to add some color, but didn’t really have a belt that would work.

I also think next time I go shopping, I’ll try to find some maroon leggings–wouldn’t that look nice next to the purple?

Here’s a bonus for all of you! My friend and coworker Ashlie ended up staying over that night because of the weather and she too had gray leggings on. We had a photo shoot so you could see her fabulous outfit, too.

Ashlie Gray Leggings

She always does a fantastic job pairing colors and patterns together. I love that she found a successful way to wear a summer dress in the middle of winter!

And here’s us together:

Me and Ashlie Gray Leggings

Sorry for the picture overload today! Isn’t it awesome when you actually recreate your inspiration in your own unique way? I never would have worn this a year ago, or even a few months ago. Blogging has really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

pleated poppy

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions


Bundle Up Without the Bulk

If you were anywhere north last week, you would know how incredibly freezing it was outside! I am grateful that things are starting to warm up, but man–you could’ve easily gotten frostbite from only 20 minutes of skin exposure. But, life goes on, as they say, and off to work it was.

We had to be creative with our layering so that we would stay warm, look professional, and not look too bulky. I ended up wearing a really warm outfit that could be worn with or without layers and it wouldn’t look any different!

In this outfit, I am wearing Underarmour leggings (instead of regular black leggings), which kept my legs warm all day. I also wore a cami under the white button up (I tried over top in tomorrow’s outfit). I felt snug and comfortable.

Red Black and White Layers 1

Red Black and White Layers 2

Sweater: Old Navy (old)
Button Down Blouse: Land’s End
Skirt: Old Navy (old)
Underarmour: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Boots: JC Penney
Belt: Target

Sorry the pictures kind of suck–it was a long day. :) I felt like this outfit was a little matchy matchy, like I could’ve worn a different colored belt, but I didn’t have any others and I don’t know what color I would’ve picked. Thoughts?

How have you been keeping warm this winter?


Downton Abbey Inspired Outfit Series: Week Three: Sybil

EDIT: This post was written and scheduled earlier this past weekend. Little did I know how important  it would that Sybil would be featured. No spoilers, but my heart is breaking for this T.V. show . . .

Downton Abbey Inspired Outfit Series: Sybil

Doesn’t this outfit make you crave spring and summer? I know I do. Sybil is such a beautiful woman and, while she can be headstrong and revolutionary, it’s nice to see her in such feminine colors and styles.

Would you wear this outfit? I think I would wear the trench and definitely the bracelet and shoes!

Which Downton Abbey outfit would you like to see next week? Comment below to cast your vote!

Also, tell me your thoughts about last night’s episode! I live tweeted my thoughts at @themodernausten, if you want to join in on the conversation!

Polka Dot Sweater

I love polka dots.

Next to stripes, it’s my favorite print ever.

It’s no wonder then that when I found this sweater at Old Navy on Black Friday, I had to get it (well, from “Santa”–Thanks Mom and Dad!). I wish it was a navy and white sweater, but I don’t have any blue tops in this color anyway.

I paired it with a lighter tan pair of pinstripe dress pants for work and–of course–my pink infinity scarf.  I can’t seem to stop wearing it these days.

Polka Dot Sweater 1

Polka Dot Sweater 2

Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Handmade by me
Pants: Express (Goodwill)
Bracelet: c/o Shannon (Macy’s possibly)

Do you think the pants are too light for winter? I felt weird the whole day because I wore brown boots under them and they were pretty lightweight, but no one commented on them. Then again, who really cares, right?

Anyway, I enjoy this sweater and hope to find more ways to wear it. How would YOU style it?

Happy Monday :)