Layering with Navy and Black for a Fall Wedding

Navy LOFT Scuba Sleeveless dress with Black Lace Sleeve Sweater

Pair black and navy for a fall wedding

Lace sleeves add a feminine touch to a sleeveless dress

Dress: LOFT (last winter)
Sweater Blouse: LOFT (last winter)
Heels: Clarks

This past weekend, I attended the last of the four weddings I was invited to this year! My best guy friend from college, Ben, married the love of his life, Paige, and I am so genuinely happy for them. It was such a nostalgic but fun affair, and it really made me realize how wonderful friendship truly is. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still felt surreal watching my first college friend (and very quickly my best friend) get married–it’s like time just flew by and suddenly we’re old(er). Love is a beautiful thing.

Since this was a fall wedding on a sunny and mild day, I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. My summer dresses were packed away and I thought I’d give this gorgeous number a breather (thank you, genius dress, you’ve served me very well during the past three occasions!). As I was digging through my closet, I realized my choices were between 3/4 sleeved and sleeveless dresses. I immediately grabbed this navy LOFT number from last winter (worn here and here), but none of the cardigans I tried with it were doing it for me.

And suddenly, my Greek chorus (you know, Heidi, Kate, and Brynn) sang me the answer in perfect harmony. Layers, duh!

But seriously, I’ve always been inspired by their layering techniques that I thought to myself how I could incorporate layers in an evening dress look. I scanned my closet and when I came across this beautiful lace sweater, I just knew. Initially, I was not sure how black and navy would work together, but I guess it’s not really an issue anymore? Even though it wasn’t a perfect fit (layering never is), I thought it worked perfectly fine for the evening!

What do you think of this unconventional layering for an evening dress? Can you think of ways to incorporate the same principle in your closet?

LOFT Lace Sleeve Sweater layered under Sleeveless Scuba Dress for Fall Wedding Attire

Classic Clark Heels for Fall Weddings

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