Urban Picnic

Tie a loose gingham over lace shorts

The subtle lace adds a nice texture to the bold gingham blouse

photo credit: Angelica from Syntaxx Errorrr
Blouse: c/o Ali
Shorts: LOFT
Sandals: Clarks

When I put together this look, I immediately wondered if I looked like a cowgirl or a picnic blanket. In either case, I said screw it and wore it anyway! Angelica and I went hunting for a new photo shoot location for a walk during lunch and decided for once we would turn to the right instead of left and it dawned on us that we totally had time to walk across the same bridge that I take into work every day. In case you’re not from Pittsburgh (or you live under a rock), bridges are kind of a big deal in this city. We have 446 of them (3 more than Venice!)*. Over 29 of them cross the three rivers and they are all different types. Most of them are yellow or rusted steel, but this one is one of my favorites. (Closely following the infamous Clemente bridge, of course.)

I have only worn these shorts a few times this summer (also seen here) and find that they are a little harder to style than one might think. I’ve been searching for the perfect sheer black 3/4 sleeved blouse to pair with it for an evening out (because THAT happens so often), but have yet to find the right one in my price range. I went a little bold with this outfit, pairing the shorts with such a bright and noticeable pattern, but I think I like it anyway. Mixing textures is always something underrated and under-appreciated; it can really add something special to an otherwise boring look.

Have you challenged yourself to wear something totally different, unexpected, and out of your comfort zone? If you haven’t in a while, I challenge you to do so this week. I’d love to hear (and see!) what this look is for you and how it made you feel all day. Feel free to comment or tag me on Instagram @themodernausten!

Choose contrasting colors for your backdrop

*Okay, so I had to look this up. I realize this is from 2006, but it’s from WTAE so it’s legit. There’s likely even more bridges now because we apparently must have ALL THE BRIDGES!

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